meet Chris Quinn

photo of Chris Quinn in the bush

I make hand crafted sculptural tables

My passion for timber stems back to my childhood. I have fond memories of collecting firewood and splitting fence posts with my dad on the family farm.

Finding the right tree was important. We talked about the characteristics of the timber.

I’m inspired by other people’s creativity. It encourages and challenges me. My artwork speaks to me because it’s like a sculpture. Satisfying.

I enjoy the therapeutic process of moulding, shaping and sanding timber. The anticipation of the end result motivates me to create every new piece.

I love the timber’s striking colours – and the rich aroma while I’m working it.

These are the timbers I use

  • sassafras
  • black heart sassafras
  • myrtle
  • Huon pine
  • celery top
  • blackwood
  • karri (from Western Australia)